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Sessions of Akashic Records

Presencial and Online Counselling. 90 min


"Akasha is a Sanskrit word that refers to the archiving of all the experiences of the Soul: past-present and future, taking into account that time and space are symbolism of the third dimension that does not concern the Multidimensional Soul or Consciousness."

This session is aimed at providing the necessary visions to give a positive impulse, assistance and healing to the problems or concerns, whether mental, emotional and/or physical, raised by the consultant. Keep reading...

Facilitator: Maritza Melo Soto. Maru


Language: Spanish. German and English Translator

Modality: Online Attention ZOOM Program and Presencial counselling

Cost: $90 USD / $120 USD (with translator) / 90 € EU / 130€ EU (with translator)

Payment Method: PayPayment





Heidenheim an der Brenz. Germany

24 - 28 July.

Book an Apointment: +49-170-2636432. Cristina Zárraga

Mepen. Germany

1 - 5 August

Book an Apointment: +49-176-109847656 Claudia Behrend-Hermes



Amsterdam. Netherlans

26, 28 August

Location: Van Hallstraat 52-I 1051 HH

Book an Apointment: +569-9907-91562. (WhatsApp) Isabel

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